Finding the right size doesn't have to be difficult. We have compiled a list of insole measurements to help guide you along the way. If you still have questions, please let us know! 

WHY INSOLE LENGTH AND NOT FOOT LENGTH?  Over the years, we have come come to realize everyone wears their skates differently.  Skaters with an ICE background tend to like a very snug fit, where other skaters, like myself, like a little wiggle room.

TIP: If you have a skate of a similar model and like how they feel, we suggest measuring the insole, then crossreferancing it to a similar vanilla size.  

HOW DO IT MEASURE MY FOOT? There are lots of ways to measure.  Personally, we're a huge fan of using the wall method. 

STEP 1) Place a ruler on the ground against the wall or flat surface. 


STEP 2) Back your heel up against the wall and take note of where your toes end. 


STEP 3) Take note of the starting edge of the ruler. It's common to have a useless space between the edge and the starting point. Please subtract this distance from your measurement to get an accurate number.


STEP 4)  Now that you have your measurement, you need to account for a little wiggle room. Normally, we suggest 3/8 to 1/4" beyond your measurement, however that might very a little due to the actual size of the insole.

Measuring for skates

Marked Size

Insole Length

Mens 3 / Ladies 4 8  1/4"
Mens 4 / Ladies 5 8  1/2"
Mens 5 / Ladies 6 8  7/8"
Mens 6 / Ladies 7 9  3/8"
Mens 7 / Ladies 8 9  3/4"
Mens 8 / Ladies 9 10"
Mens 9 / Ladies 10 10  1/2"
Mens 10 / Ladies 11 10  7/8"
Mens 11 11  1/2"
Mens 12 11  3/4"
Mens 13 12"
Mens 14 12  1/4"